Stop Repeating Yourself and Automate Your Face-to-Face Course

Even if You've Failed Miserably Before

Stop Repeating Yourself and

Automate Your Face-to-Face Course

Even if You've Failed Miserably Before

Hello, I'm Dr. Dan and I help intro programming instructors (teaching college and high school students) automate their lectures and/or flip their classroom by providing high-quality, no-steps-skipped programming lectures/tutorials.


Your Pain...

Tired of giving the same lectures over and over again or of repeating yourself to your students? Have to teach Java for the first time and don't know where to start? Or maybe you wish you had an extra resource to supplement your lecture materials for students who ask if there is anywhere else they can go to learn more about Java.

...can be eliminated...

After my first year of teaching intro programming at the university level, I was wearied by answering the same questions over and over to dozens of students on how to install Java on their laptops. So what did I do? I made a video and uploaded it to YouTube and shared it with my 60 students. It now has 550k+ views, and better yet, I haven't had to demo or explain how to install Java in 5 years!

Five years later, I've finally decided to create a thorough walk-through of the Java programming language...from "Hello World" to recursion and basic data structures...made especially for beginners! an experienced instructor.

I've taught hundreds of REAL-LIFE freshmen college students how to program from scratch, students who had never written a single line of code in their life before enrolling in my courses; many of them have gone on to work at companies like Google, IBM and PayPal. I am NOT AN ONLINE instructor, which means I don't just throw content online and hope people "get it". I've looked countless students in the eyes while lecturing and have an acute sense of what beginners "get" and "don't get". I've seen first-hand what steps need to be emphasized and what steps can NOT be skipped when teaching beginners.

In short, if you are looking for a comprehensive resource teaching your students how to program (in Java and then transitioning into C++) and you want them to learn from an instructor who DOES NOT SKIP steps, you've come to the right place!


What Will Your Students Get?

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60+ Hours Video

2+ semester's worth of 1080p, fully-narrated video lectures (multiple playback speeds)

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3,500+ Lines Source Code

Completed, organized and liberally-commented Java and C++ source code

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Code Templates

Templated and commented code files of each lesson to program along with instructor

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375+ Instructional Slides

Clean visual aids for complex topics like data structures, stack vs. heap and recursion 

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Windows OS Support

No-steps-skipped environment installation videos (Java, C++) for Windows (2020)

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macOS Support

No-steps-skipped environment installation videos (Java, C++) for macOS (2020)

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Android App Access

Access all course materials and video via the dedicated Kajabi Android app

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iPhone App Access

Access all course materials and video via the dedicated Kajabi iPhone app

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Flexible Payment Options

Insanely affordable and flexible payment options for students or departments

Take a Deeper Look Inside the Course


Course Syllabus

Yeah, you're students are going to learn a lot...

This course is taught in 8 modules and mimics the education you'd give if you taught an entire year of introductory programming at the university level. I've taught intro-level programming for 6+ years and am acutely aware of what beginners need to see and hear. In short, I DON'T SKIP STEPS!.

The 8 modules included in this course are as follows:

☑ CS 101

Teaching a CS 101 semester-style course? We've likely already got you covered with Modules 1-3!


☑ CS 102 

Teaching a CS 102 semester-style course? We've likely already got you covered with Modules 3-5!


☑ CS 103

Want to provide resources for advanced students to refine their abilities with practical skills beyond a typical CS 101 or CS 102 course? Modules 6-8 will take them there!



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Hannah R.

Dan is the BEST. His class was my first ever experience of computer science, so I was terrified, but he immediately dispelled the illusion that only specific types of people can code. He is absolutely hilarious, which is not only entertaining but he helps use it to ingrain concepts in his students.

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Joey A.

The class definitely taught me more than I thought it would. It has taught me to work independently and pursue my own projects. The course does a great job of helping students learn concepts that can be applied in higher level classes.

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Madison B.

Dr. Grissom is a fantastic teacher. He did a superb job of breaking down complex topics into simple language that all of us can understand and taking care to not move on until we understood the material.

How Will This Help Me?

60+ Hours of Video: No need for you to waste hours creating your own are sure to find everything your students need to help them learn the fundamentals.

3,500+ Lines of Commented Source Code: Direct students to completed and commented source code on GitHub to help them easily refresh topics and grab code snippets. 

Commented Code Templates: Help students increase muscle memory by coding alongside Dr. Dan and save hours of time not creating new files and writing comments. Or, use the templates in your own lectures so students can program alongside you!

375+ Instructional Slides: No white board? Good! Help students strengthen understanding of complex topics, data structures and memory organization with professional illustrations! These are the slides I WISH I had when I started teaching!

Windows/macOS Support: Quit answering a million questions about installing software! Before students write their first "Hello World" program, we'll help them setup every piece of software they'll need.

Android/iPhone App Access: Students can use their phone as a second screen to watch tutorials so they can code alongside Dr. Dan on their laptop.

Flexible Payment Options: Your department can make one payment for all your students (for example, using lab fees) to guarantee everyone has access on Day 1. Or, you can have your students use their own payment methods to subscribe monthly (for as long as they need the course) or make a one-time payment for lifetime access. 

Insanely Affordable

We know students have little cash flow and a lot of books to pay for so we're offering this course at a "no-brainer" cost to help as many students as possible. Whether your students prefer to pay once and have lifetime access or pay monthly and have access just as long as your course, we have an insanely affordable option for them!

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Get Help from An Expert

Dr. Dan has a B.S. in Computer Engineering (U of Cincinnati, '08) an M.S. in CS (UC Riverside, '11) and Ph.D in CS (UC Riverside, '14). He has been teaching a wide range of CS and CE courses since 2014, including 15+ semesters of Intro Programming in Java/Python/C++.

Dr. Dan consistently receives the highest teaching evaluations from his students and his programming videos have received over 1 million views on YouTube.

Dr. Dan has also held a number of full-time positions and internships in a wide variety of computer science and engineering fields from government, defense contractors, web-development, high-tech and traditional software development.

Dr. Dan

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